CD Report: Change Is Coming (Joseph Habedank)

  • 21 June 2021

Joseph Habedank just released another CD where he has once again co-written every song.

People will relate to Religion Isn’t Working. We don’t need “religion”; we need a relationship with Jesus Christ. “I wanna know my blessed Savior, and I wanna love Him like I never loved Him before.” Amen!

24 Hours is a song of hope for those who have someone they’ve prayed for forever and are still waiting to see a breakthrough. Sometimes these seem like nice ideas, but the fact is that God does still answer prayer. We must keep petitioning until we get our answer.

My favorite song on this project after first listen is Not Far From Home. The truth of this song becomes more real every day. We are not far from Home.

Other songs included are Thief in the Night, Change Is Coming, Jericho, Child of the King, Judas, Rebel With a Cause, and Rise Above Eden



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  1. Scotty searan - June 21, 2021 at 10:43 PM

    I am not impressed with the album
    It is not Southern Gospel

    • Sony Elise - June 25, 2021 at 2:46 PM

      It’s definitely progressive but his songs are good so I think his CDs are still worth mentioning. I feel like each artist has a place since not everyone appreciates the ground roots Southern Gospel that you and I do. There are groups that I wish would go back to their roots, but Joseph is making a niche for himself which seems to work.

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