• 18 June 2010

This evening, I’m listening to the McKameys sing “Someday.” You know, someday, we’ll have no more pain, no more sorrow, no more stress. Someday, what we experience today won’t even be a memory; it will simply be gone. Can you imagine such a glorious day?

Unfortunately, not everyone will experience that day. Some will be longing for their hell on earth as the Hell they experience will be much worse. I don’t understand those who choose to curse God instead of accept Him but I do understand how easy it is to be focused on the here and now, yet how important it is to not lose sight of eternity.

For myself, I can’t wait to see Jesus. I imagine that as soon as I look into His eyes, I’ll instantly forget every turmoil on earth. Nothing else will matter at that moment.

What will your “someday” consist of? Joy and excitement or gloom and despair? The choice is yours. God is reaching out to you but you have the option to turn and walk away and miss the Home He’s prepared for you.

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