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Thinking of Steve French

  • Posted on July 13, 2016 at 9:11 pm

You have probably heard by now that Steve French (the former manager and baritone singer for the Kingdom Heirs) passed away a couple weeks ago.

It’s never easy when a person dies but unexpected deaths are the hardest for me. When I see a person suffering, as much as I miss them, there is also relief that their body is no longer racked with pain. This holds true for every Believer, but, when a person seems to be in good health, or when I didn’t know they were sick and then they die, it hits me harder.

I’ve been watching old YouTube videos of the Kingdom Heirs and thinking back to the years I attended the National Quartet Convention. I never spent a lot of time at the Kingdom Heirs’ booth, but I always tried to catch their sets. I loved watching them.

The last song I remember seeing them sing on stage was “He Locked the Gates.” I loved it!When Steve left the Kingdom Heirs, I knew I’d miss him but I miss him even more now. Prior to his departure, I did email him periodically to tell him how much I enjoyed his last couple CDs. I’m thankful I did that.

Although it’s been a couple weeks now, I still pray for his family. May they find peace and strength during this time.