Concert Review: The Hoppers (8/23/18)

  • 9 October 2018

The Hoppers 2

I first saw the Hoppers in August of 1990. A man who had tuned our piano asked if my brother and I would like to go with him to a concert, and I jumped at the opportunity! Mostly I was impressed that the man had kept his word that he would take me to a concert sometime. Too many people say things like that but never follow through. Although I have seen them a number of times since, I never tire of watching Claude, Connie, Dean, Kim, Mike, and Karlye sing.

The Hoppers 3

Six weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see them again. Only this time, it was my dad that went with me. My dad is not a southern gospel fan and used to make fun of the music, so I was very blessed when he seemed to be enjoying himself. He even cracked up at Claude’s jokes. I smiled.

The Hoppers 4

The concert began with Dean, Kim, Karlye, and Mike singing Life Is Good, If We Ever Gotta Look and God Already Knew. I don’t remember when Claude and Connie joined them, but I think it was on Yahweh. Gary Prim accompanied them on the piano. That is a name I’ve seen on recordings but I don’t believe I had ever seen him in person.

The Hoppers 1

They sang God Bless the USA and then sang a few songs off of their latest project which was published by Gaither Music: I Wouldn’t Take Nothing for my Journey, After a While, and Lord, Lead Me On. Connie then sang I’ve Come Too Far, after which they continued with Yes I Am, Jerusalem, and Something’s Happening. Karlye sang My Ransom, and they ended with Shouting Time.



Kim had a bit of laryngitis which affected her speaking but not her singing. She did a great job.

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