CD Review: Nothing But Love (Brian Free and Assurance)

  • 10 March 2014

store_cds_nblI finally have a complaint about Brian Free and Assurance. This CD sounds like the last two (nothing new or out of the ordinary). They continue to be progressive with a “4 Him” feel, but their lyrics are still strong so, for that reason, they will continue to be one of my favorite quartets.

The title track, Nothing But Love, begins the CD and summarizes what this CD is about: God’s love.

The last several recordings feature songs about “valleys.” It’s Quite a Valley reminds us that it may be a valley but it’s nothing He won’t bring you through. Don’t lose hope.

Jeremy Lile sings, If the Lord Says Do It. God won’t call you to do something He won’t help you do.

I Will Be Praying is an uptempo, progressive song about intercession.

Guard Your Heart is a reminder that you are God’s. Your life is not your own.

Next, they sing, There is Power. God has the power to perform that much-needed miracle “just when you need it most.”

Brian Free sings, Calvary’s Cry. “Come and be saved is Calvary’s cry.” God is not willing that any should perish but that ALL should come to repentance.

You Can Be a Bridge is a song of hope for those of us who wonder if God can use us. Yes, He can! The possibilities are endless!

A Christian cannot listen to I Want to Be That Man without saying a hearty AMEN! There are so many who have gone before us. Let’s follow them as they follow(ed) Christ, and let’s be men and women who live a life that leads others to the God that we love.

The CD ends with Revival. “If only we would see the church upon our knees and our fervent prayer would be, ‘Revival! Let it begin with me!'” Let it be so.

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