NQC Highlights 2014: Day 7

Phil and Kim Collingsworth were the hosts of tonight’s National Quartet Convention. Phil beganĀ  by leading the people in singing “Blessed Assurance” while Kim played the piano.

Fanny Crosby was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Phil Collingsworth accepted the award and mentioned that he and Kim raised their children two streets away from where Fanny wrote most of her songs.

Jeff Sneed acknowledged Naomi Sego, who was there this evening, then they sang “Hallelujah Square,” followed by “He’s Leading the Way,” which they encored twice.

Clarke Beasley said this year was their largest convention since 2001.

It was really good to see the Perrys one more time. They started their set with Libbi singing “God Walks the Dark Hills” and ending with “I Wish I Could Have Been There.”

Phil and Kim played an instrumental of “Until Then.”

Arthur Rice quoted his pastor as saying, “A lot of people use prayer as a last resort when it should be the first response.” That is so true.

The LeFevre Quartet and The Booth Brothers sang “Jesus Saves” together.

Soul’d Out sang “Arise, My Love.”

For the finale, the following songs were sung or played:

Mark Trammell Quartet: “I Want to Know”
Collingsworth Family: “Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness”
Kim Collingsworth: “Battle Hymn of the Republic” (Piano)
Booth Brothers: “Blind Man Saw it All”Triumphant: “Saved by Grace”
Whisnants: “I’ll Pray for You”
Hoppers: “Jerusalem”
Brooklyn, Courtney, and Kim Collingsworth: “Power in the Blood” (violins and piano)
Greater Vision: “For All He’s Done”
Congregation: “Bless the Lord, O My Soul”

Goodbye, NQC 2015. There were some showcases I may give highlights from next week, as well as other thoughts. I only had time to do the evening concerts this week. Stay tuned.

NQC 2014 Highlights: Day 6

I have not caught a showcase winner all week but last night I tuned in just in time to see 10-year-old Chloe Fuentes sing “Something’s Happening.” She did a fabulous job. Even Tim Lovelace was in tears after her performance. I will be surprised if it doesn’t make it onto YouTube.

The Erwins were the acapella group tonight. They sang the McKamey’s song, “I Know How I Made It.”

Sonya Isaacs had mentioned the night before last that her grandma had fallen and had surgery, and that is why Lily is not at the Convention. Last night, she announced that her grandma passed away. Please keep The Isaacs in your prayers. Then they sang “Grandpa, Tell Me About the Good Old Days.”

Ernie Haase said he woke up with “Walk With Me” running through his head so he started his set with that. Then they sang “Sometimes I Wonder.”

Jason Crabb, along with his band and background singers, dressed in vintage clothing and brought out a vintage mic to sing a whole set of hymns. He even sang “This Little Light of Mine” with his daughter.

Melissa Brady joined the Whisnants to sing a song she wrote, “All is Well.”

Trey Ivey opened Legacy Five’s set by playing “His Name is Wonderful” and “Because He Lives,” which the crowd sang along on. Then Legacy Five sang “I Found Grace,” one of my favorite songs of theirs. Gus Gaches did a fabulous job on “I Stand Redeemed.” Then they sang “Truth is Marching On,” with Jim Brady and Michael Booth joining in. Jim sang at least one of the verses. I was doing something else and didn’t notice if he sang both verses or not. Legacy Five was my favorite set last night.

Canton Junction started their set with “Sweeter as the Days Go By” and ended with “In God We Still Trust.”

Ivan Parker’s son played electric guitar and led an instrumental of “Shout to the Lord,” which some background singers sang. Although not very southern, I would have loved to have been there to worship with thousands of people at that moment. Then Ivan sang his signature song, “Midnight Cry.” He called some friends on stage to help sing the chorus, among whom were Jason Crabb, Canton Junction, Jim Brady, and The Talleys. Jason sang the first part of the second verse and said he was thrilled to be able to sing with Ivan Parker.

Triumphant started their set with “Saved by Grace.”

Rita Pearson was not there last night due to being under the weather but The Diplomats did a great job anyway.

Jeff and Sheri Easter had asked people which song they would like to hear the group perform at NQC. The most requested song was “Roses Will Bloom Again.”

Melissa Brady sang “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” with The Booth Brothers. Everyone was a bit emotional when Michael Booth announced that this would be Jim Brady’s last full set on NQC stage with The Booth Brothers. I hope to see The Jim Brady Trio there next year. I think they are going to be fabulous.

The night ended with The Kingsmen.

NQC 2014 Highlights: Day 5

Karen Peck and New River sang “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown” this evening. I was hoping they would sing that. Revelation 2:10 says, “Be faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life.”

The Gospel Harmony Boys sang “Listen to His Heartbeat.” It took a minute to weed through the recesses of my mind to remember how I knew that song. Then I remembered that it was an old Singing Americans song. I am so glad someone brought it back. A very good song.

Lauren Talley and Gerald Wolfe were the host and hostess for tonight’s concert sets. Lauren said someone asked her to take a selfie of her and Gerald and the audience, so she took a couple to post on Twitter.

The Booth Brothers included “Trading This Cross for a Crown” in their set and then called Paul Lancaster and the Collingsworth Family on stage to join them in singing a song the LeFevre Quartet made popular: “Jesus Saves.”

Squire Parsons sang a song and then called his son, Samuel, on stage to sing “Hello, Mama.” Samuel and his wife, Leah, sang a couple more songs with Squire.

Lauren Talley joined Brian Free and Assurance to sing, “Where There’s a Will.” That is one thing that I like about the NQC. If you record a song with a guest artist, there is at least one place where fans can see you perform together.

The Collingsworth Family had their children’s spouses join them to sing “As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord,” a song Phil said he and Kim sang or had sung at their wedding 28 years ago. Kim then played “My Tribute.”

David Jeremiah gave a preview of his latest book, which is what he will be speaking on at chapel tomorrow. He then threw a bunch out to the audience.

Lily Isaacs was not at the convention, as she is in California with her mom who fell and broke her hip. I am sure Lily would appreciate your prayers for her and her mom.

Driven got to sing one song on the main stage this year which I am very happy about. They chose “You Can Run On” and did a fabulous job. I hope they get to sing a little more next year.

I always look forward to seeing which song The Hoppers are going to choose as the last song of their set. They have so many great ones but tonight they chose “Shouting Time.”

Jonathan Price, a former tenor of the Dixie Melody Boys, has been filling in for them following the departure of Matt Felts. Their new tenor will be Doug Pittman. For his debut with them, he sang “Little is Much” then joined them in singing, “When I Cross to the Other Side of Jordan.”

NQC Highlights 2015: Day 4

It was great to see Matt Felts sing with the Lesters. Brian said this was only his fifth time to sing with them but he did a great job. They included their signature song, “He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away”

The Whisnants sang “New Day Dawning,” which they have sung at every NQC I have attended or watched online. In my opinion, NQC would not be complete without that song. Dean and Kim Hopper joined in on the last chorus.

I could have cried when Connie Hopper came on stage to sing, “I’ve Come Too Far.” She is one person I would love to get to know: the epitome of class and grace and sincerity. I am so grateful for God’s healing touch on her once again. I hope He leaves her with us for a long time yet. She hadn’t sung in about six weeks but I couldn’t tell. She did great. They ended with a chorus of “Jerusalem.”

I enjoyed getting to see Freedom since I’ve never seen them in concert. Unfortunately, they only sang one song. The group consists of John Rulapaugh, Dale Shipley, Preston Garner, and Burman Porter.

I always love to see Archie Watkins and Smoky Mountain Reunion perform. The highlight of their set was Eddie Dietz singing, “I Just Want to Thank You, Lord.”

Gold City sang, “I’m Rich,” another song which is sung every year but a fan favorite.

It was really nice to see The Mylon Hayes Family. Great sound and stage presence. I hope to hear more of them in the future.

The Mark Trammell Quartet sang mostly new songs, making me want to check out their latest CD. It sounds really good.

I loved Legacy Five’s set. They ended with “He Made a Change.” Ernie Haase joined them on the last chorus.

I also really enjoyed Old Paths. They tore the house down with “Long Live the King.”

The Perrys were outstanding as always. A great set tonight. They ended with “If You Knew Him.”

Tribute was the last group to perform.

NQC 2014 Highlights: Day 3

This afternoon, Warren Lester Roberts was inducted into the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame. Warren was a radio personality who said he was most famous for introducing Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters on their live recording of “Here Come the Rattlesnakes.” The award was accepted by L. David Young, a family friend and music producer.

Tonight’s concert series began with The Sneed Family singing the old Hinson classic, “He Will Calm the Troubled Waters.” I first heard the Sneed Family last year at the NQC. It’s been nice to see some more mixed family groups start up recently.

The Inspirations did a verse and a chorus from each of their #1 songs from 1972 to the present. They were: “Jesus is Coming Soon,” “Touring That City,” “When I Wake up to Sleep No More,” “Jesus is Mine,” “I’ll Not Turn My Back on Him Now,” and “I Have Not Forgotten.” It’s interesting to me that they still sing some of the songs they sang in the 1970s. This year marks their 50th anniversary.

Jeff Easter’s dad joined him on stage to sing a song Sheri wrote for them called, “Like Father, Like Son.” Then they sang “Thank You, Lord, For Your Blessings on Me.”

I am always so blessed when I see the Primitive Quartet. They started their set with Randy Fox singing, “He Included Me.” He is still as full of the joy of the Lord as ever. Jeff Tolbert sang a song which said, “Would You empty me of every selfish thing that hinders my sweet walk with Thee?” I am praying that tonight. Nothing is worth hindering my walk with the Lord.

Jason Crabb was a fan favorite. My favorite part of his segment was when he sang a chorus of “Through the Fire,” one of my favorite songs.

The Crist Family performed on the NQC stage for the last time tonight–at least for the foreseeable future. They sang three of their most requested songs: “Lift Up the Cross,” “My Heart Knows,” and “The Great Beyond.” (I’m guessing on the title of that last one.) They then sang a song they thought was fitting for their farewell song: “Will You Love Jesus More?” Tears were shed as they waved goodbye to their fans. They have been singing for ten years.

The biggest disappointment of the evening for me was Tim Riley’s absence. Tim had a stroke two months ago and is apparently doing very well, but he was unable to make it to the convention. Chris West is filling in for him.

When The Nelons took the stage, I thought they would have to sing their acapella version of “The Hallelujah Chorus.” They didn’t disappoint me. I was also impressed by Amber nailing “How Great Thou Art.” She has quite the range.

The Collingsworth Family closed out the evening by singing a couple songs. Then they brought two additional pianos on the stage, and Kim Collingsworth, Tim Parton, and Stan Whitmire played a medley of Gospel favorites. Another great ending to a wonderful evening.

I’ll see you tomorrow with more highlights according to Sony Elise. :)

NQC 2014 Highlights: Day 2

Wow. What a night! I can listen to Southern Gospel music for hours and not tire of it.

Brian Free and Assurance started the night with an acapella version of “Peace in the Valley.” They then sang a couple of their newer songs and ended their set with “Long as I Got King Jesus.”

I am so glad that Wilburn and Wilburn are on the main stage this year. They may have been there last year too but they definitely deserve it. I have two of their CDs, and they are top-notch–lyrically and production-wise.

The LeFevre Quartet was one of my favorite sets of the night. They started with an old Gold City song: “He set a fire beneath my feet and sent me running.” I don’t know the title but I love that song. They ended with “Jesus Saves.”

Kenneth Bishop joined Mark Bishop on stage to sing an old song the Bishops recorded: “I Rely on Him.” It was great to see Kenneth again. He hasn’t aged a bit.

Scott Fowler reminded everyone that it was 15 years ago that the Cathedrals said farewell to fans at the National Quartet Convention. And it was also 15 years ago that Legacy Five made their debut there. Where has the time gone?

I am not a huge fan of acapella groups but The Pennyloafers did a very impressive arrangement of “Goodbye, World, Goodbye.” They even made instrument noises at one point. That was not what made it impressive to me but it is noteworthy. I don’t think I could describe it well enough but, if you order the webcast, be sure to look for that song on tonight’s portion.

Karen Peck Gooch’s daughter, Kari, joined Karen and New River on the NQC Stage for the first time tonight.

Mark Trammell ended his set with singing, “It’s Almost Over.” It received a standing ovation. A great job and a song many needed to hear with everything that is going on in the world right now.

Lauren Talley sang “He’s Alive” by request. I hadn’t heard her version before but I love how she puts her whole self into it.

The most touching moment of the evening was definitely The Perrys. Tracy joined them onstage in a wheelchair. His voice didn’t have a lot of volume but he was singing. During “I Can Trust Him,” he broke down and cried, tears streaming down his face. I know Libbi was feeling the emotions too but her voice didn’t waver. What a moment! They also sang, “I Got a Hold of God This Morning.” Then Tracy and Jared Stuffle sang “Three Men on a Mountain,” backed up by Bryan Walker and Andrew Golden. They closed with, “I Wish I Could Have Been There.” Oh yes. My cup is full and running over. I look forward to hearing more tomorrow!

NQC 2014 Highlights: Day 1

I am not able to attend the National Quartet Convention this year so I am watching the webcast and I’m thoroughly blessed already. I tuned in a bit late as I thought it started tomorrow but I’m glad I double checked so that I got to see most of this wonderful evening.

Steve French was not singing with the Kingdom Heirs but Andy Stringfield filled in the baritone spot while playing the piano. They included a song the Kingsmen sang years ago, “We Shall Reach Heaven Some Day.” Jerry Martin sang his signature song, “I Can Pray.”

The convention played a video of classic, funny Cathedrals moments. It made me miss them so much but I’m glad their memory lives on.

Connie Hopper recently underwent cancer surgery so she was not there this evening but Melissa Brady did an excellent job filling in for her. Claude said that Connie will arrive on Wednesday. The latest report from the pathologist says that everything looks clear. Praise the Lord for that!

I had to laugh when the Booth Brothers took the stage for the second time and Michael Booth said, “Here comes Ronnie and Quitter.” Jim Brady will be with them until December 31 when Paul Lancaster will be taking over. They were as good as they ever are: fun, entertaining, but still sharing the Gospel message. They did several songs around one mic, including their popular song, “Still Feeling Fine.” Michael talked about how Southern Gospel artists don’t throw away old songs. Then they sang, “Then I Met the Master.”

Willie Wynn made a special guest appearance this evening after being introduced by Gerald Wolfe. He didn’t sing but shared some funny stories.

Mark Trammell introduced “The King is Coming” by mentioning that, if he could sing a song, knowing that it would be the last song he would ever sing, it would be this song. I heard it anew this evening. Very powerful. Nick Trammell’s wife is expecting their second child any time so, if that call comes, he will be heading back to Alabama.

I don’t think Gerald Wolfe can get through a concert without leading the audience in singing hymns, and tonight was no exception. He did it a couple times, one of which was at the end of the night, after which he closed in prayer, asking God’s blessing on the week and mentioning that if at least one soul gets saved this week, the convention’s purpose will be accomplished.

I am looking forward to the week ahead. There will be plenty of favorites and a number of groups I’m not familiar with. I hope to note what I consider to be the highlights each evening. Please don’t critique my writing style, as I will merely be sharing snippets after my brain has more than likely shut down. There will be many more groups performing than I will mention, and better, less choppy ways to say things but you will get a feel for the event, and that is my purpose in sharing.

If you are at the convention or watching the webcast, I would love to hear what the highlights are for you each day as well.

Two Groups Announce New Members

  • September 20, 2014 at 11:12 am in

Jim Brady recently left the Booth Brothers to start a new group with his wife, Melissa, but they left people hanging as to who the third member of the Jim Brady Trio would be. Last night, they announced that the third member will be someone who is no stranger to Southern Gospel Music: Tim Parton. Tim is mostly known as a pianist but he did sing an occasional solo when he was with Legacy Five. I can see how he will blend in well with Jim and Melissa, and I look forward to hearing this great new group.

Jim Brady’s departure left a vacancy in the Booth Brothers and they just announced their new member as well: Paul Lancaster. I first heard Paul when he was with the Mullins but he has filled in with various groups through the years. Although it can take time to adjust to changes, I’ve no doubt that God is leading this group.

I wish both of these groups well and look forward to seeing them in concert somewhere in the future.

Don’t Forget

I am reading through the book of Numbers and remembering how important it is to not forget the good things God has done. Unfortunately, humankind hasn’t changed and, when trials come, it’s easy to wonder how God can do these things to US–His servants! Bad things do happen to Godly people, however, and you must remember it is these things that increase our faith and have the capacity to make us more Godly if we would surrender.

This is a reminder I needed today. I have seen God’s hand at work so many times and, even when I can’t see, I need to trust and know that everything He allows in my life is for my good and His glory. It is often in the valley that I take more time to seek His face and listen for His voice. I admit this to my shame but it is something I think about when trials come. If this is the only way that God can get my attention, then I need not complain but, instead, I should be praising Him for His faithfulness in continually drawing me closer to Him.

I pray I never forget His goodness and His love for me. I hope you don’t either. Over and over in Scripture, God told the Israelites to Remember. God is still saying that today. Thank Him for His blessings for they are many.

Concert/CD Review: Journey of Hope (Tribute)

I had the blessing of seeing Tribute back in July. They had concert copies of their latest release, Journey of Hope, but since it wasn’t yet available outside of concerts, I held off on reviewing it. I am happy to let readers know that the CD is now available for purchase.

The concert began with the familiar song, Stepping on the Clouds.

Then they went into a song from their new CD: I Could Sing About Heaven. This is a pretty typical song but I can still enjoy a simple, toe-tapping Southern Gospel song. “I could sing about Heaven for a million years. Still I could never tell it all.”

Riley Clark 7-11-14

Riley Harrison Clark sings the encouraging I Will Rise. “Trials never last forever. I will rise.”

I like their song, I Want to Thank the Lord. Most people don’t thank Him nearly enough for everything He has done for them.

After that, they introduced the group.

I was glad to see them bring back an old Perrys song, I Remember the Day. They could have put a bit more energy into it but I still like the song. I am so thankful that God saved me when he did over 20 years ago!

Josh Singletary 7-11-14

Josh Singletary then played I’ll Fly Away on the piano.

I first heard God Wants to Hear You Sing in concert by Jason Waldroup. This was my first time to hear Tribute’s version but they did a good job.

They sang Safe Thus Far and then Riley led the congregation in singing Farther Along.

Good News from Jerusalem is still a fan favorite.

They took a break to collect the offering, then Tribute came back out singing, He’s Leading the Way. I will never get tired of hearing them sing this song. This was the first song I ever saw them sing on stage, and it made me stop to listen. I’m so glad He’s still leading the way in my life.

Anthony Davis 7-11-14

After that, they sang He’s Been Faithful, and Anthony Davis sang, Leaving on My Mind.

Kyla Rowland wrote, I Am a Soldier. “I am a soldier reporting for duty. I got my sword and shield. I am ready to fight.” Can you proclaim that today?

Many groups no longer give altar calls but they gave an altar call that night and then closed with another chorus of I Remember the Day.

imgSongs on the CD which the group did not sing in concert include:

The encouraging song, He Can Do It Again.

Josh Singletary sings All Made it Ashore, a song that tells about the shipwreck on which the apostle Paul prophesied that not one life would be lost, and there wasn’t. No matter what you are going through, you also can make it. Keep holding on and don’t give up.

Those Who Know Me Know has a bit of a Jamaican feel.

Everything I Need is another uptempo song of encouragement. No matter what I go through, my Heavenly Father is everything I need.

Everybody Needs Jesus needs no explanation. A simple, true fact.

In the Valley, I Can Hear His Voice: When things are going well, we don’t always take the time we need to be still and hear but, in the valley, that is sometimes a different story.

Another song I really like is God of All My Days. It ends the CD leaving me worshiping the God of all my days.

Everything I Need is another uptempo, encouraging song. No matter what I face in life, God is everything I need.