Gus Gaches Leaves Legacy Five

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For those who haven’t heard, Gus Gaches recently announced his departure from Legacy Five. Gus has been my favorite tenor with them so far but I know that they will find the perfect replacement and will continue to be a stellar group. One thing I have found in my life: When God has called you to do something, He will make a way for you to continue regardless of the changes that come. I wish both Gus and Legacy Five the best. Please pray for them as they go through this transition.

Asking in Jesus’ Name

And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (John 14:13).

Many use this verse as a way to convince God that He must answer their prayers since they are praying in Jesus’ Name but Scripture is very clear that, if we pray according to His will, He hears us (1 John 5:14).

God is not obligated to answer every selfish prayer we pray but, as we draw closer to Him, our desire to please Him grows, and that is when our prayers our answered because they are finally in line with His will.

There are some things that we can pray without wondering if it’s His will. For instance, God’s Word says that He is not willing that any should perish but instead desires that all come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). Therefore, we can, in faith, pray for the salvation of our loved ones.

There are times when I feel like it is God’s will to heal a friend or family member. I will then pray wholeheartedly for their healing. Sometimes, even if I’m not sure what God is doing in a person’s life, I will pray for their healing, trusting God to have mercy and hear my plea but knowing that, if He chooses not to answer in the way I desire, He has a greater plan. Faith goes beyond believing my prayer will be answered; it is knowing that God knows what is best and trusting that He is still at work even when I don’t understand.

I have seen God’s hand at work so many times so I suppose it is pretty easy for me to trust the Lord. In spite of what some believe, God still saves, He still heals, He still cares. I don’t know about tomorrow but I know who holds my hand.

Roger Fortner Comes Off the Road

Last week, the McKameys announced that Roger Fortner will be coming off the road to return to the studio. As one who travels a lot, I can understand the wear and tear and the need to eventually switch gears and move in a different direction. Roger has been traveling with this group for 28 years and worked with other groups prior to that so it will be different not seeing him on stage. I wish him the best, though, as he begins this new venture. Please keep Roger and the McKameys in your prayers.

Dealing With Stress

Stress is a killer. Everyone knows it and yet it is so hard to avoid at least some degree of stress. Although everyone deals with it, I think women tend to have a harder time than men do in keeping their emotions under control as they are surrounded by the high demands of life.

I am almost finished reading a book called Women and Stress, and it has been an encouraging reminder that I am not the only one who sometimes feels overwhelmed with things. The important thing is learning how to deal with stress. Although we have real issues that affect us, we still must handle them in a Godly manner.

God doesn’t want His children to be stressed out. Life is stressful but He will give grace if you lean on Him. If it’s a very stressful season for you, take time hourly to be quiet and draw near to Him. He is there with His arms open wide no matter how many times you need a shoulder to cry on.

Give Thanks in Everything

This is a topic I write on a lot but I think it’s largely due to the fact that this is a command Christians tend to forget. Everything happens for a reason. I was reminded of this a couple weeks ago when my plane was delayed. I was really tired and eager to get to my destination but I kept reminding myself that I would rather arrive in one piece than take off in a plane that’s having trouble. Not everyone on that flight seemed to think that way but, for me, it was a good reminder that God is taking care of me, even in frustrating delays.

Regardless of what is going on in my life, I pray that a day never begins or ends without me thanking God for His many blessings on me. He is so faithful, even in the hard times. I am so grateful to Him for His constant watch and care for me.

Book Review: Created & Called

If you are a nurse or are contemplating becoming a nurse, you will like the new book written by Dr. Chelsia Harris: Created & Called. It is full of tips on nursing, reminding caregivers to treat their patients as if they were family. It also talks about the benefits that nurses receive and the blessings that come with taking care of others.

Having spent time with friends and relatives in the hospital recently, I think every nurse should read this book. Many do wonderfully; others seem to forget they are dealing with fellow humans.

One day, you may be that person in pain and suffering. Now is a good time to show love and mercy to others who are struggling with their health.

Rest in Him

I’ve not slept well the last few nights, and today I’m not feeling well. This, coupled with having a friend in the hospital, lots of work I can’t afford to get behind in, etc. can quickly turn into stress and anxiety, which then makes it harder to sleep and makes me feel worse. Thankfully, I have learned to rest in the Lord. At times when my body is weak, this is a much better way to handle life. Most of the time, I can’t change a situation but He can. Therefore, I have a choice: I can get frustrated and whine and cry (which I do at times) or I can stop what I’m doing and begin praising and acknowledging Him, thanking Him for His presence. I tell Him the things that are weighing on me, let Him know I need Him to take care of it for me, and, sometimes, I will even take a nap.

Nothing is too hard for God. We know that and, yet, many times we still act as if we have to do everything on our own. Many don’t have peaceful homes because they are too busy and stressed out to enjoy the many blessings God has given them.

Don’t fall into that trap. Make your home a haven. Place God’s Word around your home with key verses which are a reminder to you of what a great God you serve. When you find yourself yelling or crying, turn those things to prayer. He is there. He is simply waiting on your invitation to come in and fill you with peace. Won’t you allow Him to do that today?

Don’t Quit

Sometimes I wonder why God still bears with me when I still struggle so much. After so many years of serving Him and seeing His hand at work, there should never be a time that I doubt Him. But then I don’t think I doubt Him as much as I doubt myself. Even in that, I am constantly learning and hopefully growing. I expect this will be the case until He takes me Home.

God said that He would not strive with man forever (Genesis 6:3), but the Psalmist noted that God will not despise a broken and a humble heart (Psalm 51:17).  We will never be perfect this side of Heaven (although we need to continually strive to be so); yet, when we fall, we must be quick to humble ourselves, admit our failure, get up, and try again. The Bible is full of imperfect people that God used but He knew their hearts were turned toward Him. If we never struggled, we may become full of pride, at which point we would be totally useless.

If you are struggling today and feel like a failure, ask God’s forgiveness. Realize that the enemy is trying to bring you down in order to render you totally ineffective for the Kingdom. I wish I knew who said that “God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.” That is definitely true in my life, and I expect it is in yours too.

So today, I just want to encourage you: Don’t quit. Keeping running the race. Do the best you can to faithfully do what God has called you to do. If He wanted it done perfectly, He could do it without you. All you need to do is do your best and let Him take care of the rest. Thank Him that He still has a work for you to do. After all, if He didn’t, you would not be here.

CD Review: Welcome Home (Joseph Habedank)

Two years ago, Joseph Habedank left his ten-year position as a singer for The Perrys due to an addition to prescription drugs. Shortly after that, he acknowledged his need for help and checked into a drug and alcohol center. After what must have been a very difficult, humbling time in his life, he emerged victoriously and, last year, released a CD of 10 very encouraging songs, all co-written by him.

Welcome Home is an uplifting song of welcome for the family of God.

“Jesus loves beggars Begging For Change.” I love that! When Jesus comes into your life, He will change your life. You simply need to surrender.

“When it seems it can’t be done, I know God is Big Enough.” A song of great encouragement for those who are down and beginning to feel that things are hopeless.

Life can be hard, even for Christians. Sometimes it’s very hard. “But I have Never No Never seen the righteous forsaken.”

The enemy is working hard to discourage God’s children; however, it is so important to realize that his words are Empty. We serve a God who has a great plan for your life in spite of what satan says.

The Beauty of the Blood was the #8 song on Singing News’ chart for last week. A beautiful song about the Cross and God’s love for us.

God can do Wonders With Water, including working through your tears.

Now I Know Him reminds us that, although we may know a lot about God and know Him to some degree, it is through the pain and tears that we come to know Him better than ever before.

A Little Bit of Thunder is another song of hope. No matter what is going on in the world, there is nothing to be afraid of. Our God is still in control.

“When the stage is bare and there’s nobody there, will it still be my prayer to live the life they all think I lead? And will I be like who I sing about When the Lights Go Down?” A powerful song of reflection. Are you the person everyone thinks you are, or are you living a double life? God is calling you to come Home. Allow Him to change you from the inside out. Receive the peace and joy that He gives to those who are willing to surrender to Him … even after the lights go down.

Jeremy Peace Joins The LeFevre Quartet

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It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a group membership change, but I am thrilled with the addition of Jeremy Peace to The LeFevre Quartet. I first met Jeremy several years ago, and I’ve been blessed by his focus and desire to serve the Lord. I’ve paid more attention to The LeFevre Quartet in recent years, and I am even more excited to hear them now. May God continue to bless this group as they serve Him.