CD Review: Simply…Faith! (The Southern Plainsmen)

  • 30 May 2010

As I was playing this CD this morning, I thought how fitting the first song was. “Good Morning Jesus!” is a great way to start your day–acknowledging God and proclaiming that every day with Him is a wonderful day.

I love the song “Come and Get Me,” written by Mosie Lister. The Perrys recorded it a couple years ago but the Southern Plainsmen did a good job as well on this traditional quartet style song.

A song I hadn’t heard before is “My Friends.” It talks about meeting friends in Heaven–very encouraging as most of us have friends or family we’re longing to see again. “The Devil and His Old Suitcase” is a different kind of song but points out that satan cannot linger where grace is present. “Walkin’ a Line” is a great quartet song which features the bass singer on the chorus. “Take His Hand” is a call to unbelievers to take God’s hand.

They also sing the Inspirations’ song “Touring That City,” Neil Enloe’s song “From a Star to Stripes,” Rodney Griffin’s song “Faces,” “Just a Little While” (another classic quartet song), and “I’m Getting Ready to Leave This World.”

This CD was actually recorded in 2008, commemorating the group’s 30th anniversary. I only found out about them last year and I’m sure a lot of you reading this have never heard of them either but I’m thankful there are groups like this who continue to serve God even if most people never know their name.

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