A Death and a Recovery

  • 15 November 2020

By now, you may have heard that Henry Slaughter passed away Friday morning from pneumonia which was a result of COVID. I can’t help but think of Henry and Hazel without thinking of my grandparents. My grandparents recorded some records years ago and had the opportunity to meet Henry and Hazel during one of their recording sessions. I never had that chance, but I always felt like Henry was one of the faithful. He will be missed.

In other news, Steve Weatherford is finally home after being in the hospital since early October. He had quite a fight with COVID, and I wasn’t sure if he was going to pull through, but God … I’m rejoicing with his family while praying that God will continue to restore his health 100%.

I know that God answers prayer, and I can tell of instances where He has done miracles in my life, but I find it easy to become like the Israelites who would see God do amazing things and then the next day, they would forget all about it. God, help me to be faithful, to praise You for answered prayers, to trust You when You do not answer the way I want you to, and may I always be ready to give an answer for the Hope that lies within me.

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