Thoughts On New Year’s Resolutions

  • 1 January 2020

My sister-in-law commented the other day how much people are against New Year’s resolutions. Back in the 1980s, resolutions were a popular thing. I expect the number of those who kept their resolutions was close to zero but people made them just the same. I’m sure that lack of commitment is the reason I don’t hear people talk about making them today. But resolutions are really not bad.

I think part of the problem is that everyone has dreams and ideals. I might like to lose 30 pounds, or maybe I want to become a bolder witness for the Lord. These are not bad goals. In fact, they are really good ones. The problem is these things take effort and, after a week or two, when we haven’t even lost one pound nor talked to one person about the Lord, we give up. It’s too much work and cramps our style. Therefore, I want to propose that it isn’t the resolution that is the problem; it’s our lack of discipline and dedication. We feel better if we don’t make resolutions in the first place.

Lest I am sounding harsh, I should tell you that I don’t really make resolutions myself either as most people think of resolutions. But I do take time at the end of every year to evaluate my life and decide what God desires of me. What areas can I improve so that He can better use me? As He shows me, I ask for His help to do those things because on my own, they too will be more good ideas that fall by the wayside. Although I do want to lose more weight, and I want to be more used of the Lord, more than anything I am asking God to keep drawing me closer to Him, to teach me His ways, to show me how to better care for my health so that I can be more effective. With His help, I resolve to keep growing and writing and ministering and entering the doors He has for me to walk through. I want to keep learning what it means to rejoice in all things, to continually count my blessings even in the hard times. I’m expecting Him to answer my prayers as He continues the work He’s begun to make me more like Him.

So now that I’ve shared what is on my heart today as we start a new year, what are your resolutions?


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