What Are Your Gifts?

  • 3 November 2019

For a lot of years, I have declared that I don’t know what my gifts are. When I have said this, it was mostly because I was comparing myself to others. I would like to have every gift known to woman, and yet I feel like the least in my family. My mom and most of my siblings can play instruments. This does not come easy to me so I don’t play. I come from a family of writers. Although I enjoy writing and I’m grateful God has given me a small platform, I don’t know if it’s my gift. Or maybe I just don’t perfect it as much as I should. If I could choose a gift above all others, though, it would be that of encouragement, and I think God may have granted my wish in that department.

I believe that God blesses everyone with at least one gift. Maybe you have a smile that lights up the room when you enter. Perhaps you have the gift of discernment so that you recognize when someone is hurting in spite of them trying to convince you they are fine. You may have the gift of words so that you know what to say at just the right moment. These are not things to take for granted.

On one hand, I don’t think it is wise to spend a lot of time in self-focus in order to figure out what we are good at since we can become prideful. But I do think we need to recognize the gifts that God has given us so that we can make sure that we are using them wisely. Way too many people take the easy road and hide their talents instead of stepping out in faith and letting God use them. I know I’ve been guilty of this. But I pray that I will be faithful to keep coming out of my comfort zone as He shows me gifts that I am not fully utilizing. After all, that is part of surrendering all to Him.


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