Suicide: Never the Answer

  • 2 July 2017

Lately, I have been thinking of someone that I used to pray for quite regularly. Last year, he decided to end his life, making prayer no longer necessary. This was not a close friend so I did not feel the loss as keenly as some and yet it still leaves a void, as I wish I could send another email to see how he is doing.

Quite a few years ago, one of my cousins committed suicide. Again, we weren’t close, but it made me wonder what it is that causes such hopelessness that one can lose sight of friends and family and do such a permanent thing.

I expect that just about everyone has grieved someone who hit that place of despair. People don’t like pain. They don’t like problems. Many times, taking their own life seems like an easy way out, but it always leaves behind people who now have a part of their heart missing because of a senseless act.

I thank God that I have never been seriously suicidal. When I begin to feel really low, I find a friend to reach out to, who I know will tell me how good God is and how much they love me. That does so much to lift me out of a dark valley.

I have several friends who deal with depression and I’ve been there myself, but I just want to encourage you, my readers. The things we go through on this earth really are light and temporary trials. They may not seem like it at the time, but this too shall pass. No matter how much you are suffering now, you will cause much more pain by ending your life too soon. You may think that no one loves you but that is a lie from the enemy who likes nothing better than to kill, steal, and destroy. Fight against those thoughts.

If you are reaching the point of despair, call a trusted friend, read Bible verses that remind you of God’s love and His presence, play Christian music. Do not play depressing secular music during this time. God placed you here for a reason. Focus on Him and on others instead of yourself and your circumstances. Don’t make others grieve for a lifetime because you couldn’t hold on just a little longer.

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