You Are Loved

  • 13 April 2017

A friend and I were talking recently about how easy it is for some people to feel unloved. I expect there are more who feel that way than there are those who will admit it, but the fact is that, no matter who you are, God loves you so much. And I expect He’s not the only One. I think the fact that I am single enhances this “unloved” feeling for me and yet I know that one can be married and still have these feelings. Marriage does not cure all loneliness.

I think the words “God loves you” has become overused so that people miss out on the magnitude of that concept. This week leading up to Easter is the perfect time to think about the love of God.

He left the splendor of Heaven
Knowing His destiny
Was the lonely hill called Golgotha
There to lay down His life for me

When I think about the love God has for me, I am amazed. Not only does He never leave me but He has blessed me with brothers and sisters, both physical and spiritual, who lift me up when I am weary. He sends the Comforter when I am down. But I think what amazes me the most is that He called me–a shy, sad, insecure teenager who would have been voted least likely to succeed–and He said, “Follow Me.” Then He placed me in a ministry, allowing me to work with my family, and He has given me a platform to be able to do something I love for His glory, and that is to write. I also get to travel and spread God’s love to others. I’ve been a bit “down” this week but, in reality, I am so blessed.

No matter how low you get, never believe the lie that you are unloved. I expect there are people in your life who may not say it for whatever reason but who really do care about you. And even if everyone around you really has given up on you, you have a Father who longs for you to run to Him. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is there to hear your every joy, heartache, concern, victory, and anything else you’d like to share. That alone should be enough to put a smile on your face. Think about that these next few days. You are loved!

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  1. Scotty Searan - April 14, 2017 at 12:11 AM

    I went through a long spell of feeling unloved.

    Even though I knew the scriptures, I still could not pull myself out of the mire.

    I was at local pick-your-own vegetables last year with my grandson.

    I guess the question you will ask: “How could you feel unloved with your grandson at your side, but I did. I was going through a severe bout of depression.

    As we came out and paid for what we had picked, there was a gentleman friend of mine that I saw. We are almost kin, my daughter in law and him are cousins. I know I am taking a long time setting the stage and telling the story. This man is a Christian.

    He didn’t only shake my hand, but he gave me a big hug. I felt a peace that you can’t understand unless you been there. THis was not a sexual hug, but a godly friend hug.

    You see, I hadn’t been to church in a long time. Sony, I know this will shock you, but last year I went to church only 2 times. I got my church from the TV and internet, but it wasn’t enough, even though I would feel the Holy Spirit. He was letting me know that I needed to be in church, but I wouldn’t.

    I am an old fashion Pentecostal style worship person. The Praise & worship and the way they are conducted in most of our churches don’t cut it with me.

    But one Sunday morning a couple of months later I got up and went to a church that I hadn’t been to in 30+ years. It was a little country church. I knew of the pastor many years but I had never heard him preach

    About 50 attend the church. I went in a little late for morning worship and sat down near the back.

    When I walked in, The pastor immediately acknowledge to the congregation that I was there. They were taking prayer request and most of the congregation went to the altar to pray for the requests and needs. But I stayed back in my pew.

    A lady came up behind me and leaned over the back of the pew and hugged and kissed me on the cheek and whispered: “I just want to tell you that you are loved.” That sweet spirit wrapped me again, but I would not yield.

    Fast forward to about 6 weeks ago, I went back to that little country church and I got a cool drink water from the well of the Holy Spirit and it was so peaceful. And I have been in church every Sunday since then, and a few Wednesday nights.

    Things haven’t been easy because I have some calloused ways the Spirit is helping me.

    Thanks for telling me that I am loved tonight.

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