Update on Tracy Stuffle

  • 2 February 2013

Posted on Facebook this morning by Libbi (Tracy’s wife):

A new obstacle this morning! I have to leave Tracy’s ICU room from 6 to 8 am & pm. I came back in Tracy’s room at 8 am. Nurses were bathing him. The nurse tells me that Tracy is having some skin break down, mainly on his right side. She then shows me and I am shocked. Mainly under his arm and on his hip on right side. Then another place under his arm on left side. We do NOT need this in the Name of Jesus, God’s Son be gone!!!!

Haven’t seen the doctor yet to see what the plan of attack is. Blood pressure started elevating about 5am, which seems to be a pattern. Giving him Meds for that. Temp is still rocking between 99.8 to 101.8.

Can I just say I am holding on to faith, but my brain and mind are worn out!!! Praying today will bring new mercies and new miracles, in the name of Jesus Christ, God’s son!!

Please continue to uphold Tracy and Libbi in your prayers. I know what it’s like to constantly go from one thing to the next and yet be ready for this to be over. It’s often more exhausting for the friends and family than it is for the one in the hospital. Thank you, prayer warriors. God is faithful and will complete the work He’s begun.

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  1. Beverly Morgan - February 2, 2013 at 10:27 AM

    Praying from Prescott, AZ!

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