CD Review: It’s Wonderful (Primitive Quartet)

  • 2 January 2012

 A year ago, I reviewed the He Lifted Me Out CD by the Primitive Quartet. I did not intentionally choose to review It’s Wonderful exactly one year later but it’s kinda neat it worked out that way.

“What a Time in Heaven” is an uptempo song with a similar tune to “Cane River Revival.” You can hear the banjo on this one.

Jeff sings the easy-listening “It’s Wonderful” which talks about the blessing of knowing God. It truly is wonderful just to know Him.

Reagan Riddle wrote and sings lead on “He’s the Same God” which is sung acapella. I love the last line: “He’s done everything that He said He would do but come back and get me, and He’ll do that too.”

Reagan also wrote the mid-tempo song, “He’s Holy.”

Mike Riddle sings, “I Don’t Have to See the Tomb” which is their current radio single. In my opinion, it was the perfect song for them to release as a single.

“He’s Coming, He’s Coming” talks about the Lord’s soon return.

Squire Parsons wrote, “I’m Longing for Home.”

They also included two patriotic songs on this recording, both of which were written by Reagan: “The Greatest Nation” and “American Soldier.”

This is a pretty typical Primitive Quartet recording but, for those who love the quartet as I do, you’ll enjoy this CD as well.

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