CD Reviews

CD Review: The Last Big Thing (Kingdom Heirs)

  • Posted on August 20, 2018 at 5:32 pm

The Kingdom Heirs have once again released a CD I won’t get tired of for a long time.

Plenty of Singing – For people like me who can’t sit still during toe-tapping songs, this one will have you on your feet dancing and snapping your fingers.

Jeff Chapman is featured on another uptempo song: Victory.

Telling the Story Do you ever get tired of hearing Bible stories? Each one talks about the power of God and His goodness. “I’ve rested in trials while shouting the glory so I’m telling the story again.”

The Last Big Thing is a clever play on words. People are always talking about the next big thing they’re working on, but “I wanna tell you about the last big thing!”

Jerry Martin sings a song penned by Gerald Crabb: Heroes of Faith.

I Wanna Do More – Can we ever do enough for God? He has done so much for us!

“While Satan was counting his victory, all of Heaven Was Counting to Three.” A great song by Jim Brady and Rodney Griffin.

Heaven Just Got Sweeter for You is a sad but encouraging song. We miss those who have gone to Heaven ahead of us but, if we are faithful, we will see them again.

I love the harmony and the message of Just Another Mile. Dianne Wilkinson wrote this one.

Other songs included are Live it Up and I’ll Trust You With Tomorrow.


CD Review: East to West (Endless Highway)

  • Posted on August 8, 2018 at 4:39 pm

Formerly known as The Joylanders, Endless Highway consists of Perry & Nell Wimberley, their daughter Vanessa and her husband Jason, and Jason and Vanessa’s children, Jay and Allison. Both old and young should be able to find songs on this recording that they enjoy as there is a mixture of traditional and progressive southern gospel music, with the ballads being more inspirational and worshipful.

The CD begins with the peppy song It’s a Highway to Heaven.

A beautiful song with a good message is Under the Sea.

“For every unanswered question, there’s an Unbroken Promise.” An encouraging thought if you’re going through a tough time.


Other songs include It’s His Story, This is the Grace I Know, Count It All Joy, I’ve Got the Son in My Eyes, Go Ahead and Shout, Beautiful Scars of Love, and Out of the Deep.

CD Review: Shine (The Bobby Bowen Family)

  • Posted on July 23, 2018 at 4:19 pm

If you have followed Southern Gospel Music as long as I have, you might remember a Christian country group called The Mid South Boys or, as they were later known, Mid South. Bobby Bowen was one of the lead singers of that group, and I am happy to tell you that he is still singing praise to our Savior. The only difference is that his family now joins him on stage to play and sing.

As I was writing the above paragraph, I wasn’t paying much attention to the songs that were playing, but when the song To Go To Heaven came on, I stopped to listen. The music itself caused me to pause but then I heard the line, “It’s worth every valley if my Jesus I will meet.” Amen!

I love the hymn Jesus, Use Me. Very glad they included it on here. “Though the cost be great, I’ll work for you.”

I Know I’m Loved is a heartwarming song about daddies and daughters.

I Have a Hope is a great song of encouragement.

Other songs on this CD are: Never Walk Alone, Heart Collector, One Lost Sheep, Shine Like the Star You Are, It’s Your Love, and I Know He Will.

CD Review: Finest Hour (The Talleys)

  • Posted on July 10, 2018 at 7:54 pm

In an era where some southern gospel artists are in a rut, songs sound the same, etc. the Talleys are still being creative with their arrangements while singing strong lyrics. I had a time of worship while writing this review. This is a CD I won’t get tired of for a while.

Look Up is a song of encouragement to those who are weary and downtrodden. You won’t find hope on this earth but only by looking up.

Lauren Talley sings Jeremiah 29:11 (You Have Plans). When things don’t make sense, you can still hold on to the truth that God has plans for you, and His plans are always good.

Debra is featured on When the Answer is No. “Every storm you have to face will be covered by His grace. Mercy still flows when the answer is no.” Amen!

A peppy song is next: Joy. No matter what you are going through, this song is bound to put a smile on your face.

We Are Witnesses, the ones who testify to the resurrection power of the Lord of life. Our glorious Savior–we have seen Him with our eyes. We are witnesses of Jesus Christ.”

That’s What the Teacher Taught provokes a lot of thought. I think many overlook the things that Jesus taught, perhaps thinking he didn’t really mean what He said.

He Restoreth My Soul is basically Psalm 23 set to music.

Other songs include: Grab Your Umbrella, Death Was Arrested, Get Me There, Home at Last, and Begin Again God.

CD Review: It Is Time (Barry Rowland & Deliverance)

  • Posted on May 30, 2018 at 11:42 am

Barry Rowland & Deliverance is a group that hasn’t really hit me yet, but I’m not sure why. I think that the older I get, the more I appreciate unique arrangements and lyrics. That said, if you like traditional southern gospel music, you may like this group. And I will add that the song Help Me Make It is worth the price of the CD.

Seven of the ten songs were written by Kyla Rowland. They are Delivered Again, He Can’t Follow Me Home, Hold Your Ground, The Ark, God Will Take Care of It All, It Is Time, and There Rose a Lamb.

Other songs are Redemption Draweth Nigh (by Gordon Jensen), How Long (by Johnny Minick), and Help Me Make It (by Vonda Easley).

CD Review: Turn the Page (Misty Freeman)

  • Posted on May 14, 2018 at 9:08 pm

This is my favorite CD from Misty Freeman thus far. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that there are only six songs but the songs are comprised of good lyrics and arrangments, so you will not feel let down. You will just have to listen to it more often. 🙂

New Beginnings is a song that everyone should hear. Life is too short to hold grudges, compare yourself with others, be too serious, etc.

A Day in the Life of Jesus talks about the things Jesus did on a daily basis: healing people, walking on water, forgiving.

“The time that you spent here on earth is The best Sermon I ever heard.” A thought-provoking song. Something we should all aspire to have said about us.

Too Fast is a song that every parent can relate too. Enjoy your children while they are little. This stage will be over way too soon.

The other songs on this CD are: Garden of Grace and When God Speaks.


CD Review: They Don’t Know (The Kingsmen)

  • Posted on April 17, 2018 at 8:40 pm

“When it seems you’ve fallen prey in a hungry lion’s den, He’ll keep the lions hungry and deliver you again.” I love those lyrics penned by Regina Walden. This is just one of the songs on The Kingsmen’s latest CD.

God Calls it Grace is an encouraging ballad sung by Joshua Horrell.

The Evidence I Need goes with Romans 1:20, which talks about how even creation proves that there is a God. Between that and the work He has done in my life, I don’t need anything else to prove to me that God is real.

I’ll Sail Away Yonder takes me back to the Kingsmen of the 1980s.

Bob Sellers sings the sobering Cost of the Cross. I don’t think we can ever think too much about what our salvation cost Jesus.

I don’t know what it is about Sandy Knight’s songs but they always catch my attention. Don’t Underestimate God’s Grace is no exception. Another great song.

Other songs include They Don’t Know (What the Lord Can Do); Hear the Word of the Lord; Let Go and Hold Fast; Fade to Black; and Legacy.

In an age of progression, I am happy that the Kingsmen stick to their roots. Their lyrics have gotten better over the years but their sound stays very much the same.

CD Review: The Hinson Side of Me (Chris Freeman)

  • Posted on March 20, 2018 at 9:54 am

The long-awaited solo project from Chris Freeman was finally released last year. How better to celebrate over 30 years of singing than to re-release some of the songs she sang when she was with the Hinsons.

Songs included are: How Wrong You Are (with Ronny Hinson); Homesick to Go (with Mike Bowling); Call Me Gone (with Larry and Weston Hinson); Burdens are Lifted Away (with Larry and Weston Hinson); Ain’t That What It’s All About (with Bo Hinson); That I Could Still Go Free (with Three Bridges and Gene McDonald); I Never Shall Forget the Day (with Jeremiah Yocom);  Too Many Times (with The Isaacs); and I’ll Never Forget (an old recording of the original Freemans).

This is a must-have for Freemans and Hinsons fans.


CD Review: Walk Worthy (Master’s Voice)

  • Posted on February 21, 2018 at 4:10 pm

It’s rare that a group catches my attention the first time I hear them. Master’s Voice is one of those rare groups. I have two of their CDs and never get tired of them. Good harmony and arrangements to songs written by writers such as Phil Cross, Joseph Habedank, Dianne Wilkinson, Jerry Salley, and others make this a recording you will want to listen to over and over. You will be tapping your toes on Love Goes a Mighty Long Way, crying on One Day Longer, acknowledging that “Without You, I Haven’t Got a Prayer,” and praying to be that person who will “Lift Up Your Hands When You Can’t.”

Other songs include: He Saw Me; Another One Like Him; Yes He Did, Yes He Does, Yes He Will; More Than Enough; Sowing the Good Seed; Do What Jesus Did; Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary; and Where My Savior Is.

CD Review: A Different Light (Mark Bishop)

  • Posted on February 13, 2018 at 7:13 pm

Mark Bishop has just released another CD with 11 original songs that he wrote. He has several guest vocalists that are worthy of mention on this recording.

The Kingdom Heirs join Mark on the uptempo Finish Strong, Finish Well, Finish Empty.

He’s Always Been a Friend reminds me of the Bishops, and it features Kenneth Bishop on the second verse.

The Refrigerator Door will take you back to when your children were little, and everything they drew, made, etc. was placed on the refrigerator door.

Tell Me You Saw Me is something each of us should desire. “Tell me you saw me walking with Jesus. I’ll tell you it’s by His grace.”

My favorite song on this CD is Couldn’t Feel Any Better. The second verse features Chris Freeman. If you’re having a rough time, this song should lift your spirits.

Other songs include: More Than Enough; I Know I’m in Good Hands; God Is Powerful; What It Comes Down to Is Me;  Fly, Fly Away Little Birdie; and I’m Gonna Wish I Had Worried Less.